Bloons 2

Play Bloons 2 is the latest edition of the Bloons games series. In relation to the first games, you must pop the necessary bloons for each level in order to proceed. The first thing you'll notice are the graphics, they are improved from the previous versions of the Bloons games. Another thing you will quickly notice is that there is an overworld map! Each map contains sections that you have to unlock, in order, starting with "The Popping Fields". Each level increases in difficulty as you go through, but you have as many tries as you want. Think of it more as a race against how frustrating it can get to be stuck on the same Bloons 2 level for over 100 attempts. There are also new additions of bloons such as the multi-colored bloons which turn a certain color once hit, requiring multiple hits to pop. There are also Bee Hive bloons that, once popped, will give you control of a swarm of bees that pop everything in their path, but they don't last long so make them count. As usual, in this Bloons game, use the mouse to aim and release to fire. Good Luck!

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